About us

The Plugged Inn offers game players of all types to have a unique experience playing video games in a world class facility.

The Plugged Inn plans on offering up to date versions of games such as the ones of Play Stations, XBox, PSP, Nintendo Wii, etc. The company will entertain users with the best video gaming experience possible and a facility which is impossible to be recreated at home. The facility shall have other games such as arcade games, shooting games, strategy games, sport games, adventure games, etc., with single and multiplayer options.

We have fixed package service, offering from 30 minuets to 50 hours of game play. To make it easier on the customer we have added a membership service, with this service you can keep track of your game-play time left, and also check our latest games on offer and other news from The Plugged Inn. we also have a loyalty scheme in place for members to get the most out of their experience.

But that is not all, We will have a fully functioning cafe. The cafe will offer hot and cold food and drink for people to enjoy whilst taking a break or just wanting to come into the store to enjoy the atmosphere!


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